YouTube SEO: How To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Very Quickly 2017 [Top Ranking Factors]

If you are trying to rank your videos on Youtube, this is the esay step by step guide that will help you get your video ranked on the first page of the Youtube search engines.
In this video, you will learn:

The best way to create the right content for YouTube
The best way to optimize your video to rank
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Ranking Factor #1 – Video Content

Why would you create sales videos?
It is good to use YouTube to host your videos, but individuals do not give a shit about your new merchandise.
YouTuber’s are seeking content watch cat videos, learn abilities, to help them solve problems and waste time. In order to get that automated steam of views, focus your content so.
Here are some perfect examples:
Tutorial videos (setting up Analytics Aims or Events)
How-to videos (how to rate your ebook on Amazon)
Review videos (product reviews, business reviews, etc.)

Ranking Factor #2 – Length of Video

YouTube is always updating their search algorithm to a deliver better user experience.
This left the door wide open for IP blockers, click farming and a terrible user experience. YouTube fast got smart and changed their algorithm to take engagement variables into account. The following metrics also play a heavy function, while aggregated clicks are still counted:
Amount of opinions your video receives.
Total seconds users spend seeing your video.
Number of likes your video receives.
Amount of times your video is shared on social media.
Number of times your video is on other websites.
The rationale is simple: the more seconds you’ll be able to keep an user on your own video, the better your videos will rate. Hence, having videos with more span will increase the complete second’s users spend on your videos.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Go to your finished video file that is certainly ready for upload.
Right-click the file and select “Get Info”.
Add some tags to your video that are associated with the content.
Under “Name & Extension”, name the file after your #1 an #2 keywords. For example: How to Rank YouTube Videos – Standing Videos in Google.
Throw in a simple description of your video in the remarks field.
Now you’re ready to upload your file to YouTube.

Add a link to your website. Add a link to your site. Add a link to your website.
Here are a few recommendations on optimizing your description:

Try and write at least 200 words of content.
Use one and synonym off keywords. As an example, if your main key word is How to Position YouTube Videos, some one off keywords would be How to rank YouTube videos in Google, the way to get videos to appear in search engines, YouTube Advertising, etc.
DO NOT USE DUPLICATE CONTENT. That means for EACH of your videos you need to compose a description that is different.
Do not overuse keywords – you can get smacked for keyword stuffing.
I like to write out the video transcript.

Rank Factor #5: Utilize Playlists

Playlists add an additional layer of signals to your video. For each video I strongly suggest that you create a brand new playlist using synonym keywords.

Ranking Hack #6: Custom Thumbnails

This doesn’t send signals to YouTube but it does influence involvement.

Here’s a perfect example. Let’s say you searched for “Search Engine Optimization Help” and the two following videos came up. Which are you more likely to click through to?

It was rhetorical – the second one click.
YouTube will auto pick random displays from your video and let you choose 1 of 3.
I suggest a custom thumbnail that stands out against the blues and the whites of Google. Bold colors like orange, red and green tend to stand out the most.
According to traditional theory, search engine optimization has two aspects:
“On-page” SEO. This refers to how your website is structured, picture tags, keyword tags, density, etc.

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