YouTube Video Marketing Strategy | 10 Tips on How To YouTube Marketing

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Creating a YouTube video is just half of your video marketing battle. Now the question is, “How do I get more people watching my video?”

The beauty with most YouTube videos, particularly for business purposes, is that these videos are evergreen content. Years from now, more and more people will still be able to find your videos and potentially do business with you.

This short checklist gives you 10 effective actions which you can take to get more people to see your video, for years to come.

Optimize your YouTube video. As Google owns YouTube, it is important to know that your video can appear within Google’s search results, not just those in YouTube. Concentrate on one keyword in the title, as well as ensuring that you have plenty of text and tag words in the appropriate places. Here is the ultimate guide on how to optimize your YouTube video.

Have a video page on your website. Have a page on your website that is dedicated to showcasing all of your videos, or at least your most important ones.

Repurpose each video into a blog post. Have your video transcribed at Polish up the grammar and upload the text and the video into a blog post. Place the video at the top of the post and conduct your standard SEO actions to get that blog post to rank.

Email your video to your database. You should be building your email list as your prime digital marketing strategy. Emails with videos get opened up more, as long as you indicate that you have a video.

Text the YouTube video link to your phone contacts. Yes, this drives a ton of views and engagements.

Share the video on social media. Often. You can use automated social sharing software, such as Hootsuite or Sprinklr, to get your videos shared to your social channels on a routine basis. Even years after production, recent social followers will look upon your videos as new content.

Drive paid traffic to your videos through paid ads. YouTube allows you to use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your videos. This is the fastest, most direct strategy to increase your views.
Use them in live presentations. Use your videos at conferences, treade shows, workshops, and sales presentations.

Reference them as links in your online press releases. Often, you can add links to your videos within your online press releases.
Ask others to share your video. Always ask in the video itself, or the social post, to please share or retweet your video. It works.

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