YouTube Video Marketing | YouTube Video SEO

YouTube Video Marketing | YouTube Video SEO

YouTube Video Marketing is one of the great FREE ways to market whatever it is that you are selling or offering online.
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Update – 8/14/13 **********
As of yesterday this video was fluctuating around on page #1 as I hoped. That is two weeks, and I would like you to know that I took things a little slow in order to make sure I didn’t rank too fast with these techniques and piss Google off.

It hit the 1st spot and then disappeared, only to reappear. I researched that issue a little and found that is pretty common for such a new site that flies up the rankings that fast. So, I do have it noted that this video is ranked at #1 within the annotations of the video. If you don’t find it there for ‘youtube video marketing’ then it might be Google shuffling me around again. However, I expect that after a month my ranking will stabilize at #1.

In any case, everything I have done on this video internally and externally was for the purpose of a very specific type of optimization. Honestly, I have tried to guess at this with what you would typically do for SEO purposes and it just isn’t that easy. It really is a process that needs to be followed. Yes, this is somewhat tedious at first but now that I have a couple under my belt I can kick them out pretty quick. I have never had such great results with any other product. Great job to the developers of this course!!!

For many search terms Google displays a number of YouTube videos on the very 1st page for the search query results. That means within the top ten results. For many more optimized channels and videos the results are within the top 3 and many are sitting nice and pretty at #1.

That is my goal, my only goal. I have searched for ways to achieve first page rankings on G for quite some time now in order to promote this or that. Problem is, most cost too much money or just don’t work.

Well this does work, and this also does it quickly. Ranking for whatever search terms you want and whatever niche you want is a clear cut, step by step process with the video course I talk about in this video. It details the intricacies of YouTube Video Marketing and YouTube Video SEO in an extremely easy to follow fashion.

Yes, I said intricacies. That means you are going to need to perform onsite and offsite SEO (search engine optimization) so that you can achieve a 1st page ranking. So if you would rather just pay someone to maybe succeed with doing that for you this is not the course for you.

However, if you would like to actually learn how to do this yourself stick with me and watch the video, then click on the link provided at the top of this description to get started. Right off the bat is a Free detailed offsite SEO of over 40 minutes in length.

At some point you should take it upon yourself to imagine the possibilities of achieving that #1 ranking that you never could before. Got a website, product, affiliate program, etc. etc. etc. to promote? Doesn’t get much easier than this…but it does take some work on your part.

Yes, a good number of hours (less than a day at least) will get you skyrocketing up G’s indexes for your targeted phrases. Honestly though, this is really the only way to succeed through YouTube. It does take some time and some effort. I personally prefer it that way. All things considered, it is not really that much work for the payoff.

Get moving on your free YouTube Video SEO and finally succeed by amassing ultra targeted traffic to your opportunity…

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